People start blogs for many different reasons, but eventually we all end up wanting to find ways to monetise it. Just like running a business, no matter how well designed your blog is, or how easy it is to navigate, if you don’t have this one thing, you’ll have a hard time getting traction and engagement.

It’s a niche.

A niche is, in simple terms, the general topic matter that you write about. It’s the passion or main theme of your blog. When you have a niche, all your posts revolve around that main theme, and that’s essentially all you talk about.

But, why would anyone do that? Wouldn’t readers get bored reading about the same topic every time? Wouldn’t you get bored writing about the same thing every week?

The answer is no. People often find a blog they like because the blog provides specific content on a specific niche. So if you’re trying to find a niche – for your business or otherwise, here’s how blogging can help…

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A niche keeps you on track

Let’s face it: blogging is tough.  You have to pump out awesome and valuable content regularly if you want to see any amount of traffic coming to your blog.

Often you lose focus, blogger’s block creeps in, and any creative juices you once had are zapped dry. You may not realise it but, when you have a niche, you have a lot more tools available to you. Plus, you can look at your content to see which posts are popular and repurpose them or revive them with a fresh new angle.

If you have a niche blog, coming up with headlines and blog topics is a lot easier then when you have a general blog with no core theme.

A niche blog makes you an expert

Since you know your niche very well, writing about it should be relatively easy. Most things you write about will probably be original or will be based on your experiences in that niche.

Or, you may pick a topic of interest and through blogging, become an expert in that niche. Pretty soon, people will come to your blog to learn valuable tips, tricks, and resources from you.

A niche helps grow an audience

People crave quality content and will seek out blogs that meet their needs. Having a niche blog fits nicely with people since you can provide consistent and relatable content to them. They’ll come to know your niche, learn from your experiences and will want your personal take on things.

You’ll also have a greater chance of retaining readers if you produce content within a niche. For example, if you end up writing a blog post on health that went viral, people will expect health related content when they come back.

But, when your next post is about best-kept beauty secrets, there’s a good chance those people won’t stick around. So, it becomes harder to build a reliable audience when you have a general-type blog.

A niche helps monetise your blog

I’m sure when you started your blog you didn’t really think about monetising it, right? You just wanted a place to share your thoughts or passions. But, then you realised that with a captive audience you could try to see if you could generate some income from your blog.

Of course you can always make money from your blog with AdSense and promote affiliate programs. But a great way to maximise success with monetising your blog is by building an email subscriber list with a lead magnet that ties in perfectly with your target audience.

When you can attract your target audience with a strong lead magnet, you can build your email list faster, creating the opportunity for repeat visits and future monetisation.

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How to choose your niche

So, how do you go about choosing the right niche for you? According to Adam, your niche occurs when passion, knowledge and revenue potential align perfectly. Let’s look at those a bit more.

What’s my passion?

For many people, their blog is their guilty pleasure. It’s what they like to do in their free time. For a niche blog to flourish you need to have passion when you write your posts. Week after week; day after day. The life of your blog can be years or even decades long. So you need to ask yourself, can I write about my niche for ten years straight?

Will you still have the same passion for your niche, many years from now?

Blogging can take a toll on anyone. And, if you can’t stick with your niche and have the same excitement that you had when you wrote your first post, you’re not going to have much luck getting your blog off the ground – or growing it.

Am I knowledgeable about the topic?

The longevity of your blog depends on your knowledge within your niche. So, if you have a passion for something, or become interested in something you just stumbled into, you can learn as you go along and build up your authority on the fly.

Does my niche have revenue potential?

Not all niches are profitable.

Sometimes you’re too narrowly niched and there’s not a large enough audience – or you’ll struggle coming up with new and different content ideas. Other times, your niche is too broad, and you don’t have a loyal audience coming to your blog that you can market to.

So, if you want a profitable blog, you need to think about profitable niches. It’s true that with enough resources, time and a bit of luck, you can make some money in nearly any niche. But, why make life difficult when you can pick an easier, more profitable niche from the get-go.

As a rule of thumb, if a niche has a lot of high-ticket goods or services for sale, or the lifetime value of a customer is high – you’ve probably found a good niche.

Did you find this helpful? Share your thoughts in the comment box below!

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