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My name is Kai, I’m also known as The Soho Girl. I’m a brand curator from London, and as my name suggests, I’m centrally located in the capital’s dynamic district, Soho.

Armed with a valid passport and thirst to help people strive, I’ve managed to create multiple online platforms which has allowed to travel the world doing what I love.

I created Fast Track Branding after noticing a pattern in clients coming to me because they wanted a faster yet more accessible and personal service than a web designer in other side of world could offer them. As a brand curator, I not only design, facilitate and delegate tasks to my team, I also offer a creative flare and business intuition to coach clients in the right direction.

Fast Track Branding is the most popular package of the services I offer on The Soho Girl, and it makes sense why…

Attention to the detail

My clients get a dedicated service which gives them my undivided attention to detail throughout their brand package process.

Great value doesn’t have to mean cheap quality

My prices are affordable and transparent, and I aim to keep it that way. I’m on a mission to provide an accessible service to passion-based entrepreneurs so I can be part of a network of great achievers, do-gooders and life-changers in the digital space.

So whether you’re a start-up, a few years in or an established brand looking to grow further; get the results you want – faster and with great service.

Let’s work together

Kai, aka The Soho Girl

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