Need a Brand Fix?

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could get your brand logo, professional pictures and website built all in 7 working days or less? Well the good news is: you can. Our Fast Track Branding package was created for startups and entrepreneurs just like you, to offer functional and fully responsive websites.  The process begins with a briefing discussing your ideas and business goals, a personalised photoshoot so there’s no more excuses to use stock images, gathering your content, then we’ll start to create your website.  From concept to launch in 7 days or less – without the stress.

Whether you’re a start-up, a few years in or an established brand looking to grow further, if you’re looking for a quick fix with results, Fast-Track Branding is ideal for you.

How does Fast Track Branding work?

Client briefing

We’ll discuss the brief either face-to-face, via Skype or by phone. Once we pinpoint your target audience and the services you offer we can discuss general ideas, colours schemes, and content for the website which will reflect your true value. You also receive a New Client Brand Kit to guide you through the process.


This is where the fun begins! As you’re the brand, you want your audience to see you and understand your personality. Remember people buy people first – the product second. With this in mind we want to show you in the best light possible. We’ll spend half a day shooting on location in your work environment.

Design concepts

Once you’ve received our detailed proposal, two design concepts will be sent to you based on your brief and our discussions. You’ll also receive design options for your logo.

Provide content

This is the bit where you send us your pictures, testimonials, logo and content. If you are using a copywriter, now is the time to get them to write your content – fast.

Build the site

The big day – we’ll revile your site to you in less than 7 days! Once we’ve received all relevant info from you – we move fast! Your website will be ready within 7 working days. We’ll give you a fast track training so you know how it functions. We also offer a monthly or annual maintenance service so you can leave all the digital upgrades to us!

Some Examples:

DoGoodFilms Fast Track Branding

Coach MVA Fast Track Branding

Prices start from £450. CLICK HERE for full price list

Fast Track Branding Price list

What Fast Track Branding Clients have said:

“My website and all the content went LIVE within a week. The professional photoshoot included in the package adds so much value and personality. Kai’s expertise goes beyond what she advertises. As she says, she gets the job done. I can’t recommend her enough” .

Coach MVA

“Kai – aka The Soho Girl – is simply amazing. She brought my humanitarian film making business to 21st century with lightning speed, efficiency and creative flair. She needed very little brief or oversight and worked very independently.”

Ivo Belohoubek


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